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The rail infuriates me because it been such a disaster 23. Jun, 2014 0 Comments

San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca To be fair to her, Barbera was absolutely condescending during this segment. Which she usually is. But honestly, I wouldn want to be talked to like that on live television either. Somehow a few that happen to have a bit stronger jaw could eat the fruit so their offspring got as strong beak. The next […]

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) I said that when it comes to love and sex, all bets are off 23. Jun, 2014 0 Comments

«When it comes to male masturbation, most men have an intimate relationship with their hand, and maybe a lubricant of choice,» says certified sex therapist Dr. Jenni Skyler. «However, there is a wide world of awesome sex toys for solo use. «Here’s what I have learned about men,» I began to tell my friend. (Picture […]

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