He was also an assistant at Stanford under Mike Montgomery

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http://elmuro.es/?pakamty=viajes-para-singles-madrid&ebe=7b Now that Lowe is gone

stumpily State’s basketball coach, it’s time to start looking ahead at who is possible replacement might be.

Although she didn’t provide any specific names, athletic director Debbie Yow provided at least a few hints as to the identity of the top candidates during the course of her press conference Tuesday.

Yow also said that she would not be able to make a hire immediately, because «most of the candidates we’ll be interested in will be playing in the NCAA Tournament.»

Using canada goose outlet shop that criteria, here is a look at some of the coaches that might be on the short list Yow keeps in her top desk drawer for just such an occasion (broken down into three categories):

Texas’ Rick Barnes: He’s cheap canada goose a North Carolina native who’s achieved success canada goose outlet canada goose clearance sale sale at an ACC school not named North Carolina, Duke or Maryland, and he’s built one of the nation’s top programs at Texas. The problem is, he’s been canada goose factory sale so successful and he’s already being paid to the point where almost certainly doesn’t want to leave. But it’s at least worth the phone call. State assistant under Herb Sendek, he would be the prefect choice because of his youth, his enthusiasm, his proven ability to recruit and the fact that he has taken both the Wildcats and his former school, Xavier, to the NCAA tournament. The problem with Miller is that he’s worked hard to rebuild the program at Arizona, and he’s probably not going to want to leave just goose outlet canada as the fruits of labor are about to pay off even for an opportunity to return back East.

Villanova’s Jay Wright: He’s been to the Final Four once, the Elite Eight twice and was the national Coach of the Year canada goose outlet jackets in 2006. State, right? Well maybe canadian goose jacket he’s tired of dealing with the budget at a small private school and is intrigued by the prospect of the unlimited budget Yow is offering in a place where basketball is king. And after spending nine years in the official canada goose outlet Big East, the prospect of banging heads with Coach K and Roy Williams may not seem as daunting as it is to others.

Gonzaga’s Mark Few: This would seem to be a preposterous addition to the list, given that Few has been at Gonzaga his entire career (both as a head coach and an assistant) and https://www.doloresnet.com has turned down many top jobs in the past. But Few’s name started to come up Tuesday after Yow mentioned a specific «West Coast (coach) that it wouldn’t matter to me where he is just plop him down somewhere and he’s going to be successful.» Could that coach be Few? You never know.

Texas A Mark Turgeon: An intense competitor who once served as an assistant to Roy Williams at his alma mater, Kansas, Turgeon canada goose outlet parka has won consistently at both Wichita State and Texas A His current Aggies team is 23 7, finished third in the Big 12 and is making canada goose outlet new york city its fourth straight trip to the NCAA tournament.

Xavier’s Chris Mack: He’s relatively inexperienced with only two seasons as a college head coach, but the 42 year old took his team to the Sweet 16 last year and has the Musketeers as canada goose outlet store a No. 6 seed this year. He’s also coaching at a school with a long history of producing successful big time coaches (Skip Prosser, Thad Motta, Sean Miller).

Old Dominion’s Blaine Taylor: He’s got a little age on him at 53, but he’s also taken both Montana and Old Dominion to the NCAA tournament multiple uk canada goose times each. He was also an assistant at Stanford under Mike Montgomery.

Richmond’s Chris Mooney: He’s posted three straight 20 wins seasons and is in his second straight NCAA tournament at Richmond, and he’s only 38. But he played at Princeton and favors the kind of offense that didn’t go over well among State fans when employed by Herb Sendek. And that’s probably a deal breaker.

That’s a dozen names right there, all of whom fit at least most of the criteria set by Yow. Other coaches to keep an eye on, whose teams aren’t currently playing in the NCAA tournament are Minnesota’s Tubby Smith, Wichita State’s Gregg Marshall, Dayton’s Bryan Gregory and Missouri State’s Cuonzo Martin.

I have no inkling as to which way Yow will canada goose outlet go with this search and no guesses as to who the ultimate hire will be. I’ll say this, though, judging from the way she handled Tuesday’s press conference and her hiring track record, I’m convinced she’ll make a good choice.

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