Out of sore loserism, He destroyed the team and moved it to

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Kanganpur I went looking for a source on this myself, because I have heard similar things like a large number of soldiers would fire over the enemy head, etc. I came across this article:So the article states that this dude, Samuel Lyman Marshall is the one that is mostly accredited with perpetuating this assertion (at least for WWII), and according to him the number is that only 15% 25% of men fired their weapon at the enemy and the other majority did not. At the time, his statistic was quoted, and when others made this assertion they were citing his book as the source.

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When MLS was young Anschutz owned like 4 5 teams and it was his money that propped up the league. So when Quakes beat Galaxy they were owned by Anschutz. Out of sore loserism, He destroyed the team and moved it to Houston. I have experience with the AmpliFi HD. Holy crap does that thing provide coverage, even with just the base. It was a PITA to get it working with my old Verizon router (Coax > Ethernet) but once it was setup it worked fine.

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The reason Germans get stuck being the bad guy is that they lost the war. Yeah, Hitler was a mass murderer but so is every other leader with power. Also if the British insisted on war so much why was Neville Chamberlain appeasing the Nazis? I don even know where to start with this post, but amongst some decent points there a sprinkling of ignorance and plain madness..

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