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Chuck Palahniuk: Originally, the working title of the book was 04. May, 2014 0 Comments College is a great time for doing wild and crazy things, and what better way to make your time at college more memorable than to submit some of your sexual debauchery with us at College Rules. The students featured in this weeks submission were pretty thorough with what they wanted us to see. The girls […]

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The duvet cases and pillow cases were quite literally enlarged

Simpsonville 04. May, 2014 0 Comments

Perhaps the best description of Celia Putty’s 2 Girls, 1 Cup is a variety show done in drag, hosted by a Valley queen with a devoted following. It’s part cabaret, part show and tell, part free for all. There’s audience participation (both willing and non), exaggerated performances, and free shots. cheap dildos I was working […]

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The fact that he could work at all would be a sign he could do

I play the game for fun. If bs happens in the game, it doesn bother me. It tends to balance itself out. I drawn an immense amount of satisfaction from this team over the years. I get to watch at least four more games of Blue Jackets hockey before the seemingly endless void of nothingness […]

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