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Tico, la lluita continua

Tico, la lluita continua 05. May, 2014 0 Comments

couple libertin fontenay aux roses                     Assumiràs la veu d’un poble i serà la veu del teu poble i seràs, per a sempre, poble, i patiràs i esperaràs, i aniràs sempre entre la pols, et seguirà una polseguera. I tindràs fam i tindràs sed, no podràs escriure els poemes i callaràs […]

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Read up online on how to take better pics of your knitting

goddam 05. May, 2014 0 Comments

It a real disease caused by the bacteria in the genus Borrelia, transmitted by infected ticks in the Ixodes genus. The specific type of bacteria and the specific ticks that carry it vary across the globe but the disease is present in around 80 countries (including some in Europe). If you haven heard about it […]

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