This will be a lot more expensive than renting generally

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Rank10 and Hardleg have great entertainment value and rewatchability. Cimo has really good competitive analysis content, and his yugituber championship series is fun to watch, although I wish he’d stop doing his «is it worth it to buy» series since it’s practically the same answer every time. Dzeef does good discussion videos, and I like that he’s pretty unfiltered.

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Here’s the way I see it. If you’re buying a primary residence you are going to want something NICE that you can really feel good in. This will be a lot more expensive than renting generally. Instead we get more Wushu, which is in almost every action/martial arts movie already. The choice to utilize that in lieu of a more authentic style (which has proven to be very adaptable to the big screen) makes me fear that no one bothered to look into Frank inspirations, or ask what they could do to make the fight scenes stand out. That has planted the seed in my mind that this film will be more flash, and less substance.

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